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Babysitting is a fantastic job, but it's even better when you are connected to a group of likeminded people! 

Joining the British Babysitting Association connects you with one of the largest groups in the UK focused 100% on coaching, advising and supporting babysitters.

We help give you the skills you need, provide guidance when you ask for it, and ensure you get paid what you deserve.

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Why be a babysitter?

Babysitting (or just "sitting") is a fantastic part time job - ideal for teenagers, university students, those in work, or mums looking for work.

  • Choose when you work - no shift manager to tell you when to be in a pub or shop
  • Choose who you work with - only accept jobs from families you like
  • Choose your rates - certified babysitters earn between £8 and £15 per hour
  • Learn while you earn - catch up on uni work while kids are asleep during evening bookings
  • Develop your CV - Babysitting shows self-reliance and communication skills that are valuable in future roles

Questions we can help you with


"What certifications do I need in order to be a babysitter?"

What to Charge

"How much should I charge for an overnight stay?"

Meal Ideas

"What is an easy meal for me to prepare for four kids?"


"What insurance do I need to transport kids in my car?"

Your Membership includes:

  • Online training and certification
  • Annual registration certificate
  • Online and phone support
  • Local member communities
  • Branded goodies
  • Marketing packs
  • Booking Enquiries (coming soon)

New Babysitters

If you are just starting out as a part time babysitter then we'll help train you in the basics - safety, dealing with tantrums, insurance, tax and importantly what to charge and how to find bookings.

On completing our Babysitting 101 course you'll have a registration number to share with new families to demonstrate your commitment to being a great babysitter.

You'll join our babysitter communities, where you can ask for advice before or during a booking, and ensure you are never alone.

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Experienced Babysitters

If you've been babysitting for years, or perhaps you are a mum and know exactly what you are doing already, then we'll help you use your experience to increase your earnings through our certification programme.

You'll get access to our marketing pack to easily generate and order smart flyers to drive more bookings.

And you'll join our babysitter communities where you can ask questions. and get advice on anything from tax and pay rates to recipes and games for toddlers.

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Wear the badge

As a member you'll be able to display our badge on your flyers, wear our branded gear and use your membership to demonstrate your experience.

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Join the UK's leading babysitter organisation to learn, connect and increase your earnings!

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