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Why babysitting is the ideal university job in a post-Covid world

babysitting covid university Jul 21, 2021

What a year it has been.  For anyone that was a fresher, or current university student it has been a year of disruption, lockdowns, hall parties and Zoom lectures.

For anyone that had been planning to earn some money on the side in traditional uni jobs of hospitality and retail the lockdown has meant no jobs are on offer - with many existing employees furloughed throughout the year.

But as we start to look beyond Covid - as the vaccination programme continues and restrictions are lifted - you can start to think about the coming academic year as a bit more normal than before (maybe with added masks!)

When you head back to uni in September you'll be able to start looking for some part-time work again, to supplement your rent and pay for those glorious get togethers now they are allowed.

If you haven't considered it before then babysitting can make a perfect part-time job in a post Covid world - and here are 5 reasons why:

Pick and choose when you work

We might be out of lockdown now, but things change fast.  You might be back at home when you think you'll be at Uni, or the party this weekend might be moved two weeks out.  You want to be in charge of when you work rather than having a shift manager dictate when you need to be in the pub or store.  

As a babysitter you choose which jobs you take up and when you want freedom to do your own thing.

Limit your exposure to people

When you start your shift in a pub or shop you don't know who you're going to be faced with that day, or how many people you'll interact with - but it will likely be a lot!  You don't have any ability to understand whether they have been vaccinated or are currently infected.

As a babysitter you are absolutely in control of who you meet and when and can always ask a family what their vaccination status is before you take a booking.

To mask or not to mask

Most retailers and hospitality venues are requiring staff and customers to continue to wear masks.  And rightly so.  When you don't know who else is coming into a building you want the confidence that ill people aren't coughing into the air.

As a babysitter working for a family you can make that decision with the family about who needs to wear a mask - and likely if your booking consists of looking after children in their own home (and you have been double vaccinated) then you won't need to wear a mask throughout your booking

Learn while you earn

For many uni students last year meant that they were not able to get through all of the work required leaving this year for catch up.  Babysitting, especially in the evening, is an ideal opportunity to catch up on uni work whilst the children are asleep.

Are there many other jobs where you can learn while you earn?

Work from anywhere

And finally - if the worst happens and Universities are closed again then babysitting is a job you can continue to do from your home town, or any other location - families will always need childcare, and throughout the previous lockdowns babysitting in the family's own home has been allowed to enable parents to continue to work.

Get started!

Babysitting has always been a great uni job - but now in a post-Covid world we think its even more attractive than being masked up in a busy bar where you don't know whether the people in front of you are Vaxxed or ill.

What do you think are the best Uni jobs in this post-Covid world?

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