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Why babysitters should carry a First Aid kit

babysitter childsafety covid first aid Dec 30, 2021

The British Babysitting Association recommends that you get your own First Aid kit that you take with you on all of your bookings. But Why?

You’d like to think that each parent is going to have first aid equipment in their home but the likelihood is you won’t be able to find it, it might be out of date, or it might be missing the one thing you need like plasters!

Having your own First Aid Kit means that you are prepared, you know what’s in it and how to use it. 

To a parent, it shows that you are confident to deal with any situation should an injury or serious illness arise.  Make sure you tell parents that you have your own First Aid Kit before the booking starts or buy the clip-on First Aid Kit which is visible when you arrive at the booking. Having your First Aid kit with you will differentiate you from other babysitters, you might be able to charge more per booking, and it is also likely that you will get repeat bookings from the family too.

Firstly, you can buy a first aid kit from supermarkets or online quite easily or you can make a first aid kit from individual first aid supplies yourself.  

You’ll want to make sure it has at least these items in it:

  • Guidance leaflet to explain what everything in the kit does
  • Plasters
  • Gloves even if no visible need for gloves to be used
  • Triangular bandages for breaks
  • Different sized bandages
  • Eye bandages for eye injuries
  • Adhesive tape

The more you spend on the kit the more you will find in it - but these are the minimum items you should look for.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you must wash your hands and wear protective gear if dealing with an injury or illness. We have all learned this through the COVID-19 pandemic and is super important for the prevention of disease and illness or the transmission of blood and bodily fluid exposure - either from you or to you. 

So make sure your First Aid Kit always has protective gloves and a face mask in it, and if you use them make sure you order more to replace them! In the event that you need to use first aid supplies and the parents have their own First Aid kit then use their supplies first before using your own in that way you don't need to replace your own supplies.

Do you take a First Aid Kit to your babysitter bookings? We would love to hear from you at if you do.

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