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What can cause a DBS to be delayed?

babysitter babysitting basicdbs childcare dbsdelays Jan 06, 2022

When it comes to applying for a DBS it can be an anxious wait because any delays in the process can result in you being delayed starting a new job or advertising your sitter services out to potential parents. This can lead to much frustration so it's important that before applying for a DBS certificate how you can avoid this by understanding the common reasons why they can be delayed.

1) You do not have all the required forms of ID at the time of the application.  If you are only applying for these forms of Id whilst applying for your certificate this will cause more delays. 

2)You might not have disclosed your previous names or previous addresses, or there are spelling errors or errors in your date of birth. It is important that there are no spaces between address periods as this will cause delays.

3)You might have failed to disclose any previous convictions in your application. Failure to disclose can result in delays and your application being rejected.

4) There might be a delay in the Disclosure and Barring service themselves. In my experience the  DBS gov office is pretty good with applications being cleared  within one day but the busier they are the greater the delay will be.

5) There might be a delay in the certificate arriving due to the postal service. While the DBS gov office aims to distribute certificates within 24 hours it can take 14 days plus for your original certificate to arrive in the post.

If you have waited 14 days and your certificate has not arrived then you can use the tracking link to check where your certificate is.

Have you had a delay in your DBS arriving? We would love to hear from you if you have in the comment box below.

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