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Ways babysitters can get themselves noticed

babysitter studentjobs Apr 26, 2022

Parents will always need childcare. But, getting in front of parents as a babysitter can be hard, and sometimes, it does not make financial sense for babysitters to work for an agency, app, or service when they can do these 6 things themselves to get noticed and booked up in no time without paying the fee to the third party.

1. Be so good that the parents who have booked you before speak about you.

This is the word-of-mouth referral and is the cheapest form of advertising. In actual fact, it will cost you nothing apart from your time arranging your new bookings as they come flooding in.

2. Always remain an amateur regardless of how much babysitting experience you have. Parents do not like cock-sure babysitters.

Having more experience does not mean you are better at looking after children than somebody who has just started out babysitting. A sitter who believes they are still an amateur will always be far more adventurous at coming up with new ideas or activities during the booking which in turn will result in a child having an enjoyable and fun-filled time. A Zen Monk by the name of Suzuki once said that 'In a beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in an expert's mind there are few'. Always remain a beginner.

3. If your written babysitter profile is not online, you don't exist. 

Babysitters we are in 2022, we are in a kind of post-pandemic where life online, speaking to a screen is regarded as 'normal'. If you want people to know about you and your babysitter service you have to share it online.

4. Make a video profile of yourself or share what happened in a booking.

Ok, don't panic with this one. I know it is a somewhat terrifying idea about the openness and vulnerability that comes with sharing yourself with the world but human beings are interested in other human beings and what other human beings are up to. Parents will build much greater connections with you if they have seen and heard you before.

To be honest, nobody really cares about your CV, people only really want to see the real you and what you are up to share it with them in a video format. Video is watched much more than any other form of social media data.

5. On your social media sites, share something about a booking, your availability or something that happened that day.

Babysitters tend to hang out on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Parents tend to hang out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Get to know your audience by becoming them and sharing something they might enjoy reading or listening to.

6. Offer to work for free, you'll get noticed and then you'll get booked and paid. Sometimes you have to give your time away to get more work from it. Try it, it will work out well in the end.

Do you know of other ways in which you can be noticed? We would love to hear what they are by emailing us at [email protected]

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