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Travel activities to do with children this Easter to keep you sane

babysitter holiday activities holidaysitter Mar 31, 2022

Are you a holiday sitter? Are you dreading the long travel journey with the children you look after this Easter? Don't worry we have your back. Here are 4 travel activities to have up your sleeve if you are travelling away with the family you look after.

Travel Activity 1: Masking Tape Game

- Rolls of masking tape
- Toy cars, marbles and marker pens
- Find a surface for your masking tape and start playing. You can build a race track, a marble runs or write some words with the tape. You could even create an entire picture scene and colour it in.
- And best of all, when your holiday or travel period is over, just peel it off and throw it away! No mess, no fuss!
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Travel activity 2: Building Blocks Box
1. Lots of Lego or building blocks
2. A baseplate that fits the building blocks you are using.
3. A plastic lunchbox, sewing or fishing box or Tupperware
4. A glue gun

1. Cut the baseplates to fit inside the plastic box you have chosen to use.
2. Glue it flat against the inside of the lid. This will become the base you build on.
3. Put a large selection of lego or building blocks into the Tupperware and your mobile building box is ready to go.
If you have a spare base plate leftover you can glue it upright onto the base of the Tupperware ( by its sides) to create compartments on the plastic box base for the different colours of building blocks.

Travel activity 3: Modern I-Spy
1. An empty 1L fizzy drinks bottle (plastic)
2. Rice
3. Any small items such as small toy animals, a marble, paper clips, dice, alphabet  letters, etc
4. A list of all the items you add into the bottle

1. Fill 1/4 of the bottle with rice
2. Add all the small items to the bottle
3. Fill the rest of the bottle with rice leaving a little room in the bottle for the rice to move in the bottle.
4. Now shake everything in the bottle once the lid is on tightly.

1. Give a checksheet with a list of items for the child to find and mark off on the sheet
2. Or you can call out an item that you know is in the bottle for the child to find.

Travel Activity 4: Pipecleaner Modelling
1. Lots of different colour pipe cleaners
2. An elastic band or box to keep the unused pipe cleaners together.

1. To make bangles or necklaces - twist different coloured pipe cleaners together
2. To make animals, it's best to decide on a theme, such as farm animals for example, and you can build an entire farm collection
3. You can also play a game by calling out a shape or a number and the child makes that shape with the pipe cleaner
Remember: Pipe cleaners are sharp so make sure that the child is old enough not to poke the sharp end in their eye or anyone else's eye for that matter. Also if making jewellery make sure that it is not too tight around their wrist and that it is removed from the neck or wrist before sleeping.

With these 4 travel activity items packed in your travel bag, this holiday journey is going to be a doddle!

Do you have any other travel activities in your armour? If you do we would love to hear from you at [email protected]

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