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The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Babysitter Profile Photo

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Your babysitter profile photo is the first impression that a parent has of you and is considered to be a big part of whether a parent will book you or not. Make sure to choose a photo that is friendly and inviting! 

Here are some do's to consider when choosing a picture of yourself for your profile:

1. Do use headshot photo's only.

2. Do be smiley - parents can see happiness in your eyes.

3. Do be close enough to the camera that your features are recognizable.

4. Do make sure you have good lighting in your photo

5. Do pick a photo that reflects your personality

Here are some don'ts to consider when choosing a picture of yourself for your profile:

1. Don't have other people in the photo with you such as friends, pets, or family members, and definitely not other peoples children

2. Don't choose a picture where you are partying or doing something which might be classed as controversial i.e wearing clothes that are too revealing. 

3. Don't be too far away in your photo either - the parents must be able to recognise you. Many parents will show your photo to their children so that they know who is coming to look after them.

4. Don't choose a photo from a few months ago where you look significantly different from what you look like today i.e. if your hair has been dyed or if you have piercings

5. Don't use a photo where social media filters have been applied

6.  Don't use a photo where you are wearing sunglasses or a hat or one where you cannot be identified.

7. Do not use a photo where you have to crop other people out.

Choosing a correct profile photo can play a big part in getting booked by a parent or not so make sure you get the right photo uploaded onto your profile. 

What other things do you consider before posting your babysitter profile photo? We would love to hear from you at

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