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The Babysitter Journal - announcing our essential workbook to manage your babysitting

babysitter journal scheduling Apr 29, 2022

Today we are excited to announce the British Babysitting Association's "Babysitter Journal" is now available on Amazon.

We speak to hundreds of sitters, and one thing is clear - managing multiple families, different booking apps, calendar conflicts and expenses is tough.  Most sitters have a mixture of notes on their phone, bits of paper on the fridge and find it easy to forget where you need to be and when.

The Babysitter Journal is designed around you:

A 2022 calendar with each day broken out into morning, afternoon and evening so you can jot down any bookings, or block out days when you have other commitments or holidays!

Family pages where you can remind yourself of important things like how to find the house, what the wifi code is, or what food the kids love.

Bookings pages where you can note down any requests like a school pick up at this postcode at this time, or specific homework that needs to be completed.

We've included some simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and evening meals as well as some fun activities to entertain kids of all ages - you'll be getting repeat bookings all day long!

Sitters tell us that they are always worried about what to do if something goes wrong - so we have included First Aid sheets from St John Ambulance giving you basic instructions if a child is choking or has a seizure.

And finally - we've included a simple fuel mileage table using HMRC's current rate of £0.45p a mile.

The Babysitter Journal will become your essential partner as you manage your bookings.

You can order today for £11.99 at Amazon.

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