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Safety Apps For Babysitters

Jun 10, 2022


Babysitting in someone's home can be an anxious experience especially if you do not know them very well.  The risk of something sinister happening is very, very low however there are a few safety apps that you can download on your phone which you can use in the event that you feel unsafe either at the home you are babysitting at or when you are on your journey to or from a babysitting booking.

Here are a few Safety Apps to consider downloading onto your phone:-

1. bSafe - Never Walk Alone

This App has a range of features, such as an SOS button, which can be activated by touch or voice and it records your surroundings to send to your chosen contacts and lets you invite your contacts to follow your location via GPS. There is also a Fake Call feature, which you can use to make your phone ring to get you out of situations you might be unsure of. The Follow Me live GPS tracking allows your guardian to see you live via the map on their mobile. Once you have made it home safely your guardians receive a message about it.

2. Life360

This App allows you to make your own circle of trusted contacts and check out their location, as well as send and receive real-time alerts when members of your circle leave or arrive in different places.  This is a good App for your trusted contact to use to check your safety during a booking rather than them disturbing you with a text or call whilst you are working. 

3. Silent Beacon Safety App

This App is free of charge to use and will send your GPS location in real-time to your trusted contacts who will be alerted and send your location if you are in an emergency situation. It is to be used in emergency situations only.

4. Hollie Guard

This App will automatically record audio and video and share them with your emergency contacts. It also works by sensing trips or falls by using a motion sensor. It also has a journey feature on it where you can add a time limit on how long it will take you to get to and from a booking which means that your trusted contacts can see when you arrive or leave your destination.

5. Shake2Safety

This App has been designed to allow users to input emergency contacts to which a message, location, photo, and audio can be sent in an emergency situation. It is triggered by the shaking of the phone or clicking the unlock button 4 times. This App can be sent when there is no wifi and when your phone is locked.

6. OneScream

This is a personal safety alarm and is only for moments of extreme distress. Your instinctive response triggers the app to identify your location and send help to you. You just have to have your phone nearby ( i.e. in your babysitter bag) and have the detection in the app on when you leave your home for the babysitter booking.

All of these Safety Apps are good so it might be worth spending a bit of time checking which app you feel most comfortable with and downloading that onto your phone to use. Practice using it with your family members or close friends to check that it definitely works if faced with an emergency situation.

Babysitter Safety Tip

At the interview stage when you are meeting a family, be happy that the booking location is in an area that is regarded as 'safe' in the general community.  If you have an in-person interview have a good look around to check whether you might feel safe working in the home should they want to book you to look after their children in the future. Trust your instinct too - if something does not feel quite right safety-wise, or with the parents, it usually isn't so politely decline the booking.

Note: If you are going to an in-person interview in a parents' home make sure to activate the safety app that you have downloaded on your phone or notify family members where you are going and when they should expect you home. Safety Apps are not just for babysitter bookings they can be used anywhere and anytime. 

Do you use a safety app? If you do we would love to hear from you at [email protected]





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