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Questions parents might ask you during your interview

babysitter interview interview questions parent questions May 07, 2022

Interviews might seem to be a bit of a nervy experience but if you prepare yourself in advance with which questions a parent is likely to ask you then it will be a doddle. Here are some questions you should expect:

Some Common Questions:

Parents will want to know a little bit about you, what you enjoy most about looking after children, how far you live away from them, how much you charge per hour, if you are happy to be around pets and also how you intend to get to and from their house for the booking.

More Specific Questions include:

1. Your background and work experience

Parents will want to know how many sitter bookings you have had in the past, the ages of the children you have looked after, what age you are most confident looking after, and also how many children you have looked after at once. They might also ask you if you have any specific experience in dealing with newborns, children with special needs, or collecting children from school or after-school activities.

2. You might be asked what you are currently doing

Parents will want to get an idea of your availability and flexibility and a bit more about you by getting an idea of what you are currently doing with your life. They might ask you what year you are in if you are still at school or if you are at university, what you are studying. They might ask what your future plans are once you have finished school or university.  If you have another part-time or flexible working job parents will want to know about it too. It is also a good idea to let parents know if you have any holiday plans or commitments coming up.

3. About your certifications

Parents these days are far more safety aware than our own parents were when we were growing up. Many parents will check to see if babysitters have completed a babysitter's training course, a DBS certificate, First Aid training, if you have a driver's license, and have insurance. Some parents might even present a scenario to you, usually to do with First Aid or discipline, and ask how you would react in that situation

4. Your Availability

Many parents are looking for babysitters who are flexible to fit around their family's needs. You might be asked if you are available at short notice (same-day bookings) or for more regular work (2-3 days a week). Parents will also check to see if you are available for evenings, weekends, after school or before school hours, term time, or holiday care depending on what they are specifically after. 

There are a few questions that parents are not allowed to ask you. These include things such as your relationship status if you intend to have children, your religious beliefs, or your age. It is entirely up to you to decide if you would want to answer these questions if by chance you are asked. 

There are lots of other questions that could be asked in an interview. Make sure you expect questions that might be specific to the sitter service you are interviewing for. For example, if you are interviewing for a before-school sitter role make sure you have examples of times where you arrived on time ( as before school sitters cannot be late) or some recipe ideas for making a fun breakfast for the children ( even though the children will probably just want some Kellogs!)

What questions have you been asked in an interview before? We would love to hear your stories at [email protected]

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