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Keeping - In -Touch with parents during your babysitter booking

keeping - in - touch photos safeguarding Jul 03, 2022

It is highly possible that you are probably thinking why on earth do the parents need to be updated throughout the booking. Do they need to know about every nappy change, bottlefeed, and what their children ate every 5 seconds? Well, each parent is different and depending on the age of the child the need for reassurance throughout their working day or their night out varies from parent to parent. 

The young child

The younger the child is the more regular updates need to be sent. Especially if the baby is very new with multiple feeds and nappy changes. Making sure the baby is in its routine sleep and feeding pattern is crucial otherwise their little one will be up throughout the night trying to catch up on any feeds they missed during the day, or if they have overslept - getting that little one to go to bed on time is a struggle. So these updates are important to a parent with a little one especially if the parent has just returned back to work and has been the sole carer for all of their child's life. 

The older child

The older the child gets the less the need becomes for updating the parents throughout the booking and more about sending a simple text message during the booking, usually when the children have gone to bed, or a significant event happened (i.e a tooth falls out - for example)  to let the parents know that the children are asleep or they need to source some money from the tooth fairy!

Check first

It is important to check before your booking starts if a parent does want periodic updates of text messages throughout the day or evening away from the home. Some parents only want to be contacted in an emergency situation and trust you to get on with doing your job. 


The following situations might require more updates than usual with a parent if:

- the child was really upset when the parent left the home

- the child is not very well before, or during the booking

- this is the first time the parent has used a babysitter before


Some parents enjoy receiving photos of what their children have been up to throughout the day. You might want to check with a parent if they are happy for you to take photos of their children before snapping away.  Otherwise, just snap activities of what you have been doing (minus the children's faces) before sending them to the parents or stick to written text or Whatsapp update messages. It is important to not have any photos of the children you look after on your technology devices - this is a safeguarding issue if you do.

Also, remember to keep your phone on and near you so that the parents are able to contact you throughout the booking if they want to. 

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