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Interview Red Flags - Signs that this is not the right family for you

babysitter interview redflags Apr 24, 2022

Interviews work both ways. Just as much as a parent is interviewing you for the job, you should be interviewing the parent to decide if the job is right for you. There are certain red flags that will jump out at you during an interview which you should take note of which will be a good indicator for you not to accept the job going forward. 


Signs to look for include: 


  1.  The parents cannot be clear on what is required from you during a booking. You cannot accept a booking if you do not know what the parents want from you during the booking. If parents cannot be clear from the offset then stay away from these types of bookings. 


  1.  Your personalities clash. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone, that is just human nature. However, if you have identified that you might not get along with the parents at the interview stage then it's probably advisable not to work with this family. 


  1.  The house is a mess. If the house is a mess or dirty then it won't be a nice environment for you to work in. This should be a sign that this job is not for you. 


  1.  The parents have unrealistic expectations of what you need to do during the booking. Sometimes parents believe that what you can accomplish during a booking is far greater than what you know you can do. If the parents are asking too much of you and settling unrealistic expectations then as much as you feel you are a super sitter and potentially can handle it, it is best to let this booking go. 


  1. The hourly rate they offer you is lower than you are worth. Be strong in what you believe you are worth for the work that is required from you. Parents sometimes don't realize that there are different rates for daytime vs evening care, overnight rate vs returning later than planned. Also, parents are not always aware of your mileage rate which is paid on top of your hourly rate for transporting their children around. If you have already advised parents of this and they are still not happy with your rate this is a good indicator to walk away from this booking request.


  1. The child/children's need cannot be met by you

It is really important that before you accept a booking that you meet the children first. If children have behavioural issues or special needs that you feel you are not experienced enough to manage then this is an indicator not to accept this booking.

Have you had an interview and realised immediately that this was not the family for you? If so, we would love to hear from you at [email protected]



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