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How to professionally cancel a babysitting booking with a parent

cancellations professional babysitter Jul 31, 2022

Both families and babysitters expect each other to uphold their booking commitments with each other.  However, we do understand that life can lead to unexpected circumstances which may cause either a parent or you as a babysitter to cancel a booking.  Cancellations come at the inconvenience of either yourself as the babysitter or the family who were hoping to have you sit for them, so immediately notifying the family if you need to cancel means they will have enough time to make alternate arrangements with another sitter. 

Firstly, give as much notice as possible to the parent

Secondly, pick up the phone and call them directly. Do not send a text message, email or Whatsapp message, you need to have the common decency to explain to them the reason for cancelling the booking with them. I know that speaking to a parent on the phone might seem like an awkward thing to do depending on what generation you are from but if you want the parent to respect you as a babysitter then this is the right thing to do. A text message or WhatsApp message will go down like a lead balloon. 

Thirdly, be honest with the family about why you need to cancel the booking, do not lie or make reasons up as you will be found out. 

And lastly, before you make that phone call have a back -up plan in place to help them. All a parent wants to know is who can help them instead of you?   If you have already solved this problem by having a name and a number of an alternate available babysitter to give them then the parent will be super grateful. We always recommend that you have 1-2 reliable friends (who also babysit) who you can call on to check if they can take your booking on instead when you are faced with cancelling a booking. It might be that you have to pay a friend double to help you out but it will save you from losing the family you have worked so hard to get in the first place.


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