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How To Deal With Fussy Eaters

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Many parents are not aware that their perfect little baby who once ate any pureed food given to them, as a toddler- might refuse these types of food tastes.  As the babysitter you might see this child as being a 'fussy eater' but the actual truth is that just like adults, children's taste preferences change as they grow older. 

Here are some ideas to get you to encourage the children you look after to eat the food given to them if they have been refusing to eat what you have prepared:

  1. Don't let the child you look after snack on sweets and chocolate between meals
  2. Preferably stick to milk and water rather than sugary drinks for rehydration
  3. Milk is filling so don't let children drink milk less than an hour before a meal
  4. Make sure you put the right food portion sizes for their age on their plate.
  5. Don't force children to eat all of their food, they should know when to stop eating if they are full.
  6. If as a babysitter you are allowed to eat your meal with the children, doing so will encourage them to eat too.

If the child still refuses to eat the food then just remove the plate completely and don't make a big deal about it. Also NEVER cook an alternate meal for them.  Just remember, no child has willingly starved themselves to death, if they are hungry they will eat what is in front of them.

If you are the family's regular sitter and see the child often, then you can slowly introduce new tastes onto the child's plate each week when you see them.  One way to encourage little ones to eat their food is to have fun with food. I can definitely remember my mom making an entire human body figure from the Sunday lunch meal I was refusing to eat. After I had eaten the leg, and then the arm and then the head, it was easy to have an entire food human eaten in no time!

What alternate tricks have you got up your sleeve when dealing with fussy eaters? We would love to hear from you in the comments below or alternatively at [email protected]

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