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How To Create Your Babysitter Profile?

babysitter babysitterjobs babysitterprofile studentjobs Jan 03, 2022

In order for you to share with the world that your sitter service is open for business, you need to ensure that you have a great sitter profile. 

You need to have a babysitter profile, but why?

When you advertise yourself out as a sitter to parents you are likely competing with hundreds of other sitters for the attention of the same parents. It is therefore very important that you are able to capture the attention of those parents so that they take note of you and more importantly take your contact details.

A good sitter profile tells parents what you are all about. Your profile description will help you find families that suit your personality and the type of sitter work you offer. It is therefore important to always remember to update your profile as you gain more experience or use different words that will improve or show off your skills.

What to write on your sitter profile

You want to keep your sitter profile brief and to the point. You certainly do not want to write an entire CV or give parents pages and pages of information to read about you, because they just won't read it. You really only need to write a few sentences about your qualifications, previous childcare experience, why you love babysitting, and something that makes your personality shine through.

It is good to focus on who you are, if you are a student or in employment and include the education level that you are at. This is important especially if you are, have, or will be studying in a career path related to looking after children i.e. teaching, nursing, nursery worker. If you have a DBS certificate, First Aid training, or you have completed any courses relevant to looking after children be sure to mention this in your profile too. Also indicate what age of children you have looked after in the past, i.e. babies, toddlers, school-age children, or any children with special needs.  Let parents know what age of children you are super confident to look after going forwards too.  Parents will also want to know what type of booking you're available to do. For instance are you a regular sitter, an after-school sitter or can you only offer your services in the evening? The more flexible you are, the more parents will be willing to book you. If you are completely flexible to babysit both during the day and evenings be sure to mention this in your profile. Also, be clear if you are a student if you are available during the term -time or only during the holiday periods.

If you already have experience working as a sitter you might also want to mention how many years of experience you have and what types of activities you enjoy doing with children such as playing outdoors, arts and crafts, sporty activities, or baking. If you have ever volunteered in a care-related field this might also be worth mentioning. To make it more personable, parents also love to know why you chose to be a babysitter and why you enjoy working with children.

Your personality is super important in getting your first bookings. It is therefore important that your profile reflects your personality in some way. Find what your unique selling point is. By this, I mean what makes you different from other sitters. You might have a unique hobby or talent or a skill that will make a parent notice you and book you as a result.

Parents are also looking for how sitters can get to and from bookings, if you have a car or you are on a public transport route then you will definitely be booked more often so indicate this on your profile too. Note: parents are hesitant to book sitters who are unable to get to and from bookings on their own accord.

It is also important that you indicate how a parent can contact you -usually by adding your mobile number or email address or by creating a business Facebook page. Do not put your surname, residential address, or other personal information on your profile for security purposes.

Do you have any tips on what you put on your babysitter profile? We would love to hear from you if you do at

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