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How to manage your babysitter schedule

babysitter journal google calendar managing bookings May 13, 2022

Once your amazing marketing efforts have paid off and your phone is being pinged all the time you do quickly need to confirm with a parent whether you can arrange an interview or accept a booking, check if you already have a booking or if you can accept to do the booking if it started a little bit later or earlier.

There are 2 types of babysitters in the world, those that are happy to schedule their bookings online and those that prefer to write the booking down in a diary.  If you are an online person you might want to consider using a tool such as Google Calendar. You are likely already to have a Gmail account and with Gmail, you get  Google Calendar. 

The advantage of using Google Calendar is that you can access it via your laptop, as well as download it onto your phone and tablet if you have one and when you add a booking in it shows on all of your devices. 

When a parent contacts you then you can easily open up your calendar on your device, see if you have availability to help the family, add in their details and postcode location which will then sync with Google Maps to help you get to their home on the day. 

If you are however someone who likes writing things down, then having a physical diary that you can easily open and consult to see if you are available is the best option. The British Babysitting Association has published a Babysitter Journal which has a babysitter booking calendar in it in addition to other handy hints like first aid, recipes, payment calculators, and family and booking sheets for each family that you see.

The physical book can be very handy if you are with the parent as you can then very quickly check your availability and also scribble down any notes for the future booking on the booking page that you won't be able to do online.

The main challenge with both the online and offline schedules is that you need to know your schedule on your non-babysitting days in order to prevent double-booking yourself or making the mistake of not making enough time of getting from one booking to the next.

Whether you are an online person or an offline person being prepared and organised are the 2 main keys to the success of your babysitting business. 

How do you manage your time as a babysitter? Are you an online or offline person? We would love to know at [email protected] You can purchase the Babysitter Journal from Amazon here. 



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