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First Aid: Do you need it to work as a babysitter?

Dec 23, 2021

First Aid is the initial assistance that you will give to someone (whether it is a child or an adult) who has become unwell or injured until further medical assistance arrives.  

You might have seen someone ill on a sports field, or someone that has been knocked over by a car - First Aid is often provided by a member of the public before an ambulance or doctor arrives on the scene.

Now let’s look at why you as a babysitter might need to know about First Aid. 

You need to know the basics of First Aid if you are going to work as a sitter in somebody's home because if you are looking after a child or a baby and they become unwell or injured you should have some idea about how to help them until a trained professional arrives.

Examples of when this might happen could include:

A child choking on some food

A child falling and hitting their head on the floor

Or perhaps a rash appearing suddenly

Of course, these situations are extremely rare, but being prepared for what to do in those situations can literally be the difference between life and death.

The British Babysitter Association is able to share with you the basics of First Aid Knowledge but please know that we advise that everyone does a practical paediatric First Aid course at some point as the information that we share with you in no way replaces a course by trained First Aid professionals. 

To learn the basics of First Aid properly you really need to be in a live environment with your coach who will show you on a dummy how to perform certain skills like chest compressions and the kiss of life.  

St Johns Ambulance First Aid courses ( or the Red Cross First Aid courses ( that run around the country should be the go-to websites for paid Paediatric First Aid courses.

The courses typically take one day, and you’ll get an official-looking certificate and can add that you’ve been first aid trained to your marketing flyers which will help you to increase your hourly rates.

That said, having worked with sitters for many years we know that if money is tight or you are just starting out as a sitter then paying for a First Aid course might not immediately be possible until you earn a bit of cash. 

So if you can’t immediately access an in-person course then we will over the course of a  few weeks show step-by-step videos of basic First Aid techniques showing you what to do if faced with an emergency situation. 

We recommend that you get your own First Aid kit that you take with you on all of your bookings. You can pick up First Aid Kits in any supermarket, online store or make your own First Aid kit. To find out what contents need to be in your First Aid kit or why you should carry a First Aid Kit as a babysitter then follow us on Instagram (@britishbabysitting), Facebook (, or view our videos on our YouTube channel Britishbabysitting Association.

Have you ever been faced with an emergency situation whilst babysitting a child? We would love to hear your stories at [email protected]

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