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Contents of a Babysitters First Aid Kit

babysitter babysitting first aid Jan 06, 2022

We highly recommend that you carry your own First Aid Kit with you to every babysitter booking that you do. Having your own First Aid Kit means that you are immediately able to deal with any emergency as it arises and it also shows the parents that the safety of their children during the booking is your top priority. 

You can purchase a First Aid Kit online, at a supermarket or you can create your own First Aid Kit with supplies that you have bought individually. If you are to create or purchase a First Aid kit make sure that is light and small enough to fit in your babysitter bag. Some First Aid Kits have a belt clip on them which is useful if you want to go on a quick outing and you don't want to carry an entire bag with you.

Make sure that the First Aid Kit that you buy or create has the following items in it:

- Children sized plasters (at least 10)

- A triangular bandage

- Bandages (2 different sizes)

- Sterile gauze

- Eyewash

- Hand Sterilizer

- Antiseptic Cream

- Tweezers

- Scissors

- CPR Mouthpiece

- Face Mask

- Disposable Gloves

- Safety Pins

We also recommend carrying a thermometer with you to all bookings. You will be surprised at how often children get a high temperature and how often the parents either don't have a thermometer themselves or the batteries are flat in the one they do have.

Make sure that you always have a charged mobile phone on you at all bookings and download one of these Free Baby and Child First Aid Apps onto your phone in case you forget what to do in an emergency situation.

St. Johns Ambulance:

The Red Cross:

Are there any other First Aid items that you would take with you to bookings? We would love to hear what they are at

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