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8 Babysitter Booking Duties and Responsibilities

babysitter duties babysitter responsibilities bathtime routines bottle feeding care of the house child safety entertainment meal preparation nappy changes Jun 20, 2022

Becoming a babysitter is not as easy as you might think. Gone are the days when a babysitter used to sit in front of the TV eating a pizza whilst the children entertained themselves for a few pounds. Nowadays babysitters have many duties and responsibilities they should adhere to if they want to get repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Here are 8 duties and responsibilities of a babysitter:

1. Child Safety

Children should be kept in a babysitter's sight at all times. Medicine and chemicals should be put far away out of reach of the children preferably in a locked cabinet. Children should be supervised at all times when eating meals and also near any depth of water. Make sure you are aware of first aid techniques, have first aid apps downloaded onto your phone, and that you know your emergency numbers by heart. Make sure that your phone is not a distraction during your babysitting booking too.

2. Meal Preparation

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before any meal or meal preparation times. When preparing food make sure that the raw food and the cooked food are not put on the same surface. If a parent asks you to prepare some food, make sure to check the expiry date and the smell of the food. Make sure that any food served is not too hot and that the right type of food is served to the right age of the child. Depending on the type of food cut it into smaller pieces for little mouths too. 

3. Nappy Checking and Changing

Collect all of the supplies that you need for a nappy change. Get a clean nappy ready and undo the baby's dirty nappy. Wipe the baby's bottom and slide the dirty nappy out. Then slide the clean nappy in, making sure to secure the nappy's tabs. Make sure to bag up the dirty nappy or put it in a nappy bin. Check a baby's nappy every 1-2 hours during the day and usually about 30 minutes after every meal. Make sure a clean nappy is put onto the baby before they head off to sleep in the evening. 

4. Bedtime and Nap Routines

Make sure you stick to the child's normal routine. I know you might want to be the fun sitter but the reality is the parents will be the ones paying for it the next day when their children are exhausted so make sure you get them to bed at the time the parents have requested. Do this by ensuring that the kids are calm at least 30 minutes before bedtime preparations begin. This could be by playing a quiet game or a bedtime story. Ensure that the children's room is dark to replicate the nighttime if they are heading for a daytime nap. 

5. Bottle Feeding

Get the baby's formula ready and wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the bottles. Get the bottles ready and add boiling water to the bottle. Make sure to measure out the correct amount of formula for the age of the child.  Warm up the bottle with formula in some warm water in a jug until the correct temperature is reached. Check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before giving it to the baby.  Once consumed, sterilize the bottles ready for the next feed. Some babies need to be fed every 2-3 hours, other babies and toddlers might only have one evening bottle just before bed.

6. Care of the House

Just to be clear babysitters and cleaners are two very different professions and is very difficult to do both to a very high standard. If parents need you to clean their house as well as look after their children you should be compensated handsomely for both of these jobs. However, as a babysitter, you should always make sure the house is left the way you found it. Tidy up as you go along with anything that you have taken out to play with, cook, or use. If parents need you to look after their pets whilst you are babysitting the children then you should also charge more for this service.

7. Bathtime Routines

Parents need to give you consent for you to bath their child. Make sure that you check the temperature of the water before letting the child get in. Make sure to never leave a child alone and in order to prevent any mishaps make sure that you have prepared everything needed for the bath before you have even run the water. Make sure to empty the bath immediately after bath time is finished.

8. Entertainment

Make sure you are able to keep children active and engaged during your babysitter booking. Mix your booking activities up with a mixture of making, baking, and shaking activities. Always have a plan for your booking. 

These are the 8 main duties and responsibilities of a babysitter. Of course, there are many more around providing emotional support and education to the child to name a few which will be covered in greater detail in subsequent blog posts.




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